No Child Should Have to Read Alone

Every student should be able to read to someone: a teacher, parent, or guardian.

But not every child has this opportunity and there aren’t enough teachers to listen to every child.

Reading out loud develops the fluency needed to become a strong silent reader.

Introducing, FluencyRev™, the next best thing to reading to someone.

…Practice Reading with feedback for all children!

Read Stories

Children read stories out loud while wearing a microphone headset

Read Stories
FluencyRev listens

FluencyRev™ listens to every word the child says and…

FluencyRev listens
Repaints the words

Repaints the words on the screen to show which words need improvement

Repaints the words
Listen to the story

Children can listen to the story—any part, at any speed, as often as they like

Listen to the story
Earn stars

Children earn stars for good reading and see and hear what they need to improve!

Earn stars

The more children read out loud and are receiving feedback…

…the greater their reading achievement!

Improved decoding ability

Improved automaticity

Improved oral fluency

Improved comprehension

Social Emotional Learning & Equity

Often it is the most disadvantaged students who have no one to read to. FluencyRev™ helps level the playing field by providing reading feedback to all students everywhere, anytime, as often as they want.

Many children are embarrassed to read out loud

Children enjoy FluencyRev™ in their “personal recording studio” and embarrassment fades away

FluencyRev™ builds confidence, improves self-esteem, and empowers students

Modern times don’t let teachers read with each child

…but children love reading to FluencyRev

Teachers can know…

Who is reading what

How often and…

How well!

This data empowers teachers to develop their most effective and personalized reading strategies without needing the time to sit and listen to every child read!

Our students love FluencyRev™ and are benefitting from it.

Samantha VanNessTeacher

FluencyRev™ is developed by LanguaMetrics™, a global leader in the field of children’s speech analytics. Our speech analytics engine powers products in education such as MAP Reading Fluency by NWEA of Portland, Oregon.