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Our authors are selected for their enthusiasm about writing for children as well as their ability to incorporate input from educators and children. Their mission is to create engaging text that is age appropriate and culturally inclusive.

They look for opportunities to foster social-emotional-learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Text Complexity

Our text complexity and leveling guidelines for our authors come from our academic department which is comprised of highly experienced educators and led by Dr. Susan Homan, our Chief Academic Officer.

Authors are assigned topics and text complexity level for each book. Our units for text complexity are known as “Gem Levels” which are based on the above crosswalk chart. Gem Levels allow teachers to align their reading assignments to the major scales in use today.


All our content goes through multiple levels of editing. Each level validates various characteristics ranging from grammar and punctuation to adherence to topic, storyline, cultural appropriateness, equity, inclusion, and diversity.

All books are presented to multiple audiences for review and feedback prior to publication.


Our authors love working with our illustrators to bring the storylines and characters to life. They team up, hand-in-hand, to create images that delight students and teachers while remaining true to each storyline.

The sequence above shows how we go from a black and white sketch to full color finished illustration.

Voice Overs

Our award winning voice over department consists of very talented people who love to give life to our characters and tell our stories. They are excited by the fact that they are helping children improve their English reading and speaking abilities.

Our voice over professionals are trained in delivering modeled reading that will be understood by children from all backgrounds. They are trained to vary their voices to align with the story content. For example, first grade content is voiced very differently from middle school STEM texts.

Prosody, emotion, and pausation are very important factors in voice over narration. Narration requires understanding the story's rhythm and flow in order to deliver engaging and motivating content. To finalize the recordings, our sound engineers work hand-in-hand with voice over artists to edit tracks—removing any breath sounds, clicks or background noise—and create polished, first-rate products.

Speech Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We call our process of making text come alive “Languafication”. Each and every word a child says in their story or activity is scored by our advanced artificial intelligence and speech analytics for pronunciation accuracy and understandability. We are leaders in the field of children’s audio analysis and our AI models have been developed over the past 10 years based on millions of reading and speaking samples from children all over the world.

As stories are developed we encounter proper names and new words that need to be added to and transcribed in our speech analytics system. This responsibility falls to our linguists who are skilled in phonetics and trained to allow for a wide variety of acceptable pronunciations for all words. This requires balancing inclusion with standards for accuracy and understandability.

More details on our technology here

Coding and Construction

Each LanguaBook requires coding and construction on the LanguaMetrics Platform. Our content team is responsible for all page layout and text placement, as well as managing quality control on speech analytics. Since each LanguaBook contains model audio for students to listen to, we need to ensure that if the student’s recording sounds close to the model audio, they will receive a five-star speech accuracy rating. For this reason, for each book, we run the model audio through our speech analytics as if it had come from a student. We validate by ensuring we have a five-star result!

Final Proofing and the Push to Production

All of our books and activities go through a final review from our internal group of end-users. This gives one more fresh set of eyes to swat any bugs and identify any issues ranging from proofreading to editing to text complexity and page layout.

Once this final round of quality assurance has taken place, we push the content to our production infrastructure within the Amazon Web Services cloud. After that, it is ready for your use!

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Come join us! Rev-up with the RevLearning Suite.