The RevLearning Suite is a division of LanguaMetrics Inc. that is dedicated to helping children improve their reading and speaking of the English language. The RevLearning Suite leverages LanguaMetrics’ speech analytics and artificial intelligence capability to create an environment in which all children can be listened to when they read and speak, anytime, anywhere and always receive helpful feedback!

Dr. Susan Homan, PhD20201108114352

Dr. Susan Homan, PhD

Chief Academic Officer
Sergey Kuchma20201108114129

Sergey Kuchma

Chief Science Officer
Igor Guryanov20201108113911

Igor Guryanov

Chief Technology Officer
Ken Spiegel20201108113756

Ken Spiegel

Chief Executive Officer


Arik Zalkinder20201108114747
Hunt Winston20201108114508
Dr. Susan Homan, PhD20201108114352
Igor Guryanov20201108113911
Ken Spiegel20201108113756
Paul Wang20201108113647

Board of Directors

William P. Tudor20201108114923


Equity Partners

Headquartered in Menlo Park, SRI International—previously called the Stanford Research Institute—is one of the world's premier research and development laboratories. LanguaMetrics is honored to have SRI International as its first equity partner.

Founded by educators nearly 40 years ago, Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEATM) is a global not-for-profit educational services organization known for our flagship interim assessment, Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). More than 7,400 partners in U.S. schools, districts, education agencies, and international schools trust us to offer pre-kindergarten through grade 12 assessments that accurately measure student growth and learning needs, professional development that fosters educators' ability to accelerate student learning, and research that supports assessment validity and data interpretation.

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