Take a Journey to the Science of Reading with the RevLearning Suite!

Take a Journey to the Science of Reading with the RevLearning Suite!

Each component of the RevLearning Suite™ is a huge step for the new reader and a giant leap into the Science of Reading!

See why the RevLearning Suite™ is "Revolutionalizing" the way new readers learn to read!

FluencyRev™ - Take a look at where it can take your young readers!

Hey there, reading explorers! Buckle up your imagination seatbelts because FluencyRev™ is about to take you on a rollercoaster ride through the magical world of words!

Unwrapping the FluencyRev™ Magic:

Picture this: a world where language comprehension and word recognition are the superheroes, and they've teamed up with FluencyRev™ to make reading a total blast! This tool isn't just a sidekick; it's the dynamic duo of fluency, automaticity, and prosody, here to make comprehension cooler than a polar bear in sunglasses.

Jammin' with Native Speakers and Avoiding Robo-Talk:

No robotic text-to-speech nonsense here! FluencyRev™ brings the real deal with native speaker recordings. Imagine having your favorite story read to you by someone who sounds like a rockstar!

Plus, you can hit the replay button as many times as you want and even be the DJ of your reading speed. Fast or slow, you're in control!

FluencyRev™ Features: A Symphony of Reading Fun!

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Dive into the world of repeated reading adventures! It's like a reading disco where you can groove to the rhythm of your own learning beat.

Progress Party: Teachers turn into the ultimate hype squad!

They track your progress, throw confetti when you ace it and offer high-fives when you're nailing those passages.

DJ Speed Control: Ever wished you could fast-forward through that tricky part? Now you can! Adjust the playback speed and become the master of your reading universe.

Reading BFF: No lonely readers allowed! FluencyRev™ is your trusty sidekick, supporting you like a superhero cape when you don't have someone to read to. Together, you're an unstoppable reading duo!

Skill Booster Rocket: With FluencyRev™, you're not just reading; you're on a rocket to improved decoding, automaticity, fluency, and comprehension. Strap in and get ready for lift-off!

Fun-tastic Book Bonanza:

But wait, there's more! The FluencyRev™ library is a treasure trove of awesomeness for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. Imagine flipping through pages filled with stories like:

ReadMore Castle: Join a lion named King Kusoma, his son, Prince Zango, and his friends on adventures in a mythical castle. It's like a playdate with words!

Grayson and the Guardians: Hang out with Grayson, the alpaca, and his squad of guardian llamas. They're not just cool; they're al-paws-itively amazing!

The Mystery Club: Animal detectives on a mission! Solve mysteries in the woods with this paw-some crew. Sherlock who?

Conclusion: Let the Reading Fiesta Begin!

FluencyRev™ isn't just a tool; it's a reading carnival! Dive into the fun, ride the waves of words, and let FluencyRev™ be your passport to a world where reading is not just a skill; it's a fantastic voyage. Let the reading fiesta begin, bookworms!

To learn more about FluencyRev™ go to www.rev-learn.com.

PhonicsRev™ and the Decodables Library - Teaming up together to take readers on an engaging and exciting journey through a safe, online learning environment.

Step right up to the most fantastical literacy carnival – welcome to PhonicsRev™! In this whimsical wonderland, we're diving into the heart of the festivities: the spectacular PhonicsRev™ Library. Get ready for a rollercoaster of precision and progress, sprinkled with a dash of enchantment from the Decodable Library. Let's embark on a playful journey through the magic of phonics instruction!

Tailored Curriculum: The Customization Carousel:

Picture a carousel of possibilities! PhonicsRev™ invites educators to hop on the customization carousel, where the curriculum is tailor-made to suit every teaching style. Whether you're waltzing with Orton-Gillingham or cha-cha-ing with Core5, this is the place to curate a curriculum that sparks joy in every learner.

Speech Analytics Extravaganza:

Hold onto your hats for the Speech Analytics Extravaganza! PhonicsRev™ brings you a high-tech marvel – real-time feedback on oral production. It's not just pronunciation practice; it's a dazzling dance of sounds with instant feedback, making phonics mastery a true spectacle.

Phoebe’s Playful Parade:

Join Phoebe's Playful Parade, where learning is not just a journey but a joyful adventure! Phoebe, the master of ceremonies, leads the parade through a gamified wonderland, making sure every learner is on the float to phonics success.

PhonicsRev™ Library: The Grand Pavilion:

Step into the Grand Pavilion of PhonicsRev™ Library, a treasure trove with over 475 interactive learning experiences! It's a carnival for vowels, consonants, blends, and more. Choose your ride, follow the phonics progression, or create your own rollercoaster of fun – the possibilities are as vast as the PhonicsRev™ Wonderland itself!

Decodable Library: A Whirlwind of Enchantment:

As you twirl through PhonicsRev™, stumble upon the Decodable Library – a whirlwind of enchantment with over 85 spellbinding texts! Each text is like a storybook ride, reinforcing specific phonics skills introduced during instructional cycles. It's a magical addition that turns every reading adventure into a captivating journey.

Controlled Vocabulary Carousel:

On the Controlled Vocabulary Carousel, join the harmony of words advocated by the literary wizard Wiley Blevins. Each text emphasizes skills taught, creating a rhythmic dance through the enchanting wonderland of controlled vocabulary.

Interactive Elements: A Symphony of Play:

Engage in the Symphony of Play with interactive elements that transform learning into a melodic experience. Practice oral reading, and receive instant feedback – it's not just phonics; it's a playful symphony that reinforces the magic of decoding and pronunciation.

Progressive Learning Party:

Join the Progressive Learning Party, where every step is a dance toward literacy mastery! PhonicsRev™ guides learners from foundational skills to the grand finale of complex patterns. Difficulty levels – Introductory, Mastery, and Challenge – set the rhythm for a progressive and confidence-building celebration.


PhonicsRev™ is not just an educational adventure; it's a jamboree of fun and phonics! With the Grand PhonicsRev™ Library, the enchanting whirlwind of the Decodable Library, and the playful parade led by Phoebe, this wonderland ensures that every learner is not just mastering phonics but dancing through the magical world of literacy. Join the fiesta – where learning is a carnival, and PhonicsRev™ is the place to be!

Go to www.rev-learn.com to meet Phoebe and join the Phonics party!

EnglishRev™ - Take an epic journey to conquer the world of English as spoken in day-to-day activities.

Hey there, language explorers! Welcome to the epic journey of EnglishRev™, the superhero in the RevLearning Suite, here to make learning English as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride!

What's the Buzz About?

EnglishRev™ is the cool sidekick you need to conquer the world of English. It’s like having your own language superhero, guiding you through the twists and turns of speaking and listening. Let's dive into the awesomeness that EnglishRev™ brings to the language-learning party!

Comics Galore: Where Learning Meets Fun!

Meet Linda, the fearless language adventurer! Join her escapades in Season 1 as she lands in the United States and dives into the English language. In Season 2, Linda navigates the wild world of school with her sidekick Olin. The topics? People, food, shelter, money, work, and the drama of school life. It's like a language carnival!

Speaker’s Theater: Lights, Camera, English Action!

Once you've conquered the comics, step onto the stage with Speaker's Theater! Be the star of your English play, choose your character, and let the language magic unfold. Your words turn from black to red or green in real time, showing off your pronunciation skills. It’s like having your own language red carpet moment!

Voice of America: Where English Meets Hollywood!

Lights, camera, action! Enter the world of Voice of America (VOA) – a blockbuster collection for English learners worldwide. Dive into news, health, lifestyle, science, technology, arts, culture, and more. It’s like having a backstage pass to the coolest English show in town!

STEM-tastic Adventures: Because Science is Cool!

Calling all future scientists, techies, engineers, and math wizards! EnglishRev™ brings you STEM books to explore the language of science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s like having a personal recording studio for your STEM language experiments.

RevLearning Suite: Your Personal English Arsenal!

But wait, there's more! The RevLearning Suite lets you mix and match from PhonicsRev™ and FluencyRev™. Need some phonics power? Dive into PhonicsRev™. Craving mysterious tales or animal adventures? FluencyRev™ is your go-to. The possibilities are as endless as a galaxy of stars!

So, Why Wait? Let the EnglishRev™ Adventure Begin!

EnglishRev™ is not just a language program; it's your ticket to a language carnival, a red carpet moment, a Hollywood blockbuster, and a STEM-tastic adventure all rolled into one! Say goodbye to language learning stress and hello to the thrill of EnglishRev™. Ready, set, EnglishRev™-olution!

Go to www.rev-learn.com to learn more!