Unlock the Joy of Reading with PhonicsRev™ Decodable Books!

Unlock the Joy of Reading with PhonicsRev™ Decodable Books!

Discover the magic of reading with the PhonicsRev™ Decodable library! Our Decodable library, part of the RevLearning Suite, is more than just stories—they're adventures waiting to be explored by young readers. Expertly crafted based on the phonics skills taught in our scope and sequence, and beautifully illustrated, these books are designed to make learning to read both fun and effective.

Exciting Adventures with Beloved Characters

From the very first book, "Sam, Mac, and Cam," young readers are captivated by the charming stories and beautiful illustrations. They can't wait to join Gene the Giant on his giant-sized adventures, giggle at Bubbles the Feeble Fox’s antics, or cheer for Knuckles the Gnome. Each story is packed with excitement, ensuring that children are not just learning to read but are also enjoying the journey.

Structured Literacy at Its Best

PhonicsRev™ is dedicated to providing a structured, cumulative approach to literacy. Our collection of 87 Decodable books aligns with well-known scope and sequences, ensuring that each new story builds on previously taught phonics skills. This method accelerates decoding abilities and boosts confidence, making reading a rewarding experience for every child.

Engagement Through Interactive Reading

What sets PhonicsRev™ Decodable books apart is our commitment to interactive learning. Children read aloud and receive immediate online and verbal feedback, motivating them to improve their reading skills. This instant reinforcement helps solidify their understanding of phonics concepts and keeps them engaged.

Adventures That Inspire and Educate

Young readers are drawn to our delightful characters and their thrilling tales. Whether they’re sailing with Shane on his ship, spending a spooky Night with Dwight, or following the antics of The Five White Lambs, children are eager to turn the page. These adventures not only capture their interest but also encourage them to read more and improve more.

Beautifully Illustrated for Maximum Enjoyment

Our Decodable books are more than just educational tools—they're visually stunning as well. Each story features gorgeous illustrations that bring the characters and their adventures to life, making reading an immersive experience.

The Perfect Tool for Early Readers

PhonicsRev™ Decodable books are the ideal way to bring it all together for your students on their journey to reading connected text. They are designed to be engaging, motivating, and, most importantly, effective in helping children master the skills they need to become proficient readers.

Experience the excitement and joy of reading with PhonicsRev™ Decodable books. Let the adventures begin! Join today!