Our Universal Phonics Toolkit, your curriculum, or ours…

It’s like Phonics building blocks for you to create your own phonics scope and sequence or follow any of the well-known methodologies like Orton-Gillingham, Spalding, Core5, Foundations A-Z, LETRS, and many more. If you don’t already have a favorite methodology, no problem—use ours, it’s very popular!

No matter how you put the building blocks together, your students will benefit from our 100% speech feedback phonics activities.

Meet Phoebe – our Phonics Phoenix

Phoebe teaches phonics and loves it! She has organized all the phonics skills you need. You can choose individual skills or groups of skills to teach, or you can use our prepared lessons. In our gamified interface for the youngsters Phoebe gets them going and coaches along the way.

Let’s Meet Phoebe’s Team

In line with all the major scope and sequences we have the high-level phonics groupings at your fingertips!


Words are our fundamental building blocks. Short and sweet and oh so important! Listen to the model, focus on the letters, say the Word! Look at your feedback and Go for the Green!


Phrases build on the skills learned by working with Words. Build more pathways connecting the orthographic system with the speaking elements of the brain. Notice that pronunciation errors result in fewer stars, pointing to where there's room to improve. On our way to sentences!


Sentences form the complete thoughts that make our world go round. Take advantage of the speed control to slow down the native speaker model audio. See your errors, listen to the model, then try again. Working up to short stories!


Passages explore the sounds with a handful of sentences on a single page. They are continued scaffolding on the way up from a single sentence getting ready for the short stories. Notice how the colored markup identifies opportunities for improvement and the prospect of earning more stars.

Short Stories

Short stories are the steppingstones to the connected texts of our decodable readers. These are multi-page stories that bring together the words, phrases, sentences and, passages your students have been mastering to this point. They see the feedback on their decoding ability based on their pronunciation. Better decoding and pronunciation earn more stars. Students love it! When they’re ready to go beyond these multi-page stories…our decodable books are waiting for them!

Please note: our short and long vowel groups do not contain short stories, they move directly to our decodable books.

It’s not just Introductory...

To provide scaffolding in making the visual-to-spoken connections in the brain we have three difficulty levels for our content.

Our difficulty levels begin with “Introductory” color coded pink, then move up to “Mastery” color coded green and finally take it to the “Challenge” level which is color coded blue.

Introductory, is where it all begins. These are your pink tiles in the program

Then move on up to the Mastery level with its green tiles.

Then meet the Challenge level with its blue tiles.

Decodables – Focused and Engaging!

Wiley Blevins, a leading authority on decodables texts, states "a decodables text is a story or book that is controlled based on the phonics skills taught up to that point in the scope and sequence, with an emphasis on the new target scale for that instructional cycle..."

And that is exactly how all our decodables have been authored! PhonicsRev™ contains over 85 decodable texts aligned to the phonics groupings of our scope and sequence. We take the time to make sure the stories are not boring or stilted, plus we provide beautiful illustrations!

They are the perfect way to bring it all together for your students on their way to reading connected text.

Here you can explore a decodable book for the digraph /ch/

Please take note that on the last page we have a word review and they receive their speech scoring feedback on every word!

Come Join Us!

Rev-up with PhonicsRev™!

Come Join Us!

Rev-up with PhonicsRev™!