Motivating Readers and Improving Fluency One Story at a Time!

FluencyRev™ - Motivating Readers and Improving Fluency One Story at a Time!

FluencyRev™ is part of the RevLearning Suite and is all about making reading an exciting adventure for kids! With a treasure trove of hundreds of books, including the beloved series “The ReadMore Castle,” “Grayson and the Guardians,” and “The Mystery Club,” young readers are whisked away on thrilling journeys with unique characters so vivid, that they seem to jump right off the screen!

Our fun and engaging approach to building reading fluency includes native speaker recordings that kids can listen to at their own pace, as often as they like. Imagine being able to control the speed of the story and having it read to you by a real person! This makes practice enjoyable and helps kids master fluency, automaticity, and prosody, paving the way for awesome comprehension skills.

FluencyRev™ is like having a personal reading coach! Kids read stories out loud using a cool microphone headset, and FluencyRev™ listens to every word. It then highlights words that need a bit more work, making it super easy for kids to see where they can improve. Plus, the instant feedback and star rewards keep them motivated and excited to read more!

No child should miss out on the joy of reading out loud, and with FluencyRev™, every student gets a chance to shine. Our platform provides the perfect blend of support and independence, helping kids become confident, fluent readers without any embarrassment. They can enjoy their "personal recording studio" and feel proud of their progress as they earn stars and hear positive feedback.

FluencyRev™ also ensures that all students, especially those who might not have someone to read to at home, get the same opportunity to develop their reading skills. With books tailored to different reading levels, from Kindergarten to 5th grade, we guide kids through the exciting journey from learning to read to reading to learn.

So let’s dive into the world of FluencyRev™, where reading becomes a fun and rewarding adventure! “No Child Should Have to Read Alone,” and with FluencyRev™, every child has a buddy in their reading journey, making each story an exciting quest towards becoming a fluent, confident reader.