Monthly Newsletter: November 2021

Release Notes

Our development team conducted significant updates to FluencyRev during the week of 11/22 through 11/28. Please see the notes below, action is necessary to update the login URL and iPad app.

  • The login URL has changed. New login URL is:
  • This change will impact your login process specifically if you enter FluencyRev through Clever or if you have bookmarked the login page in your browser. Please update Clever link and bookmarked pages with the new URL.
  • iPad app: Our app name has changed from LanguaBooks to FluencyRev. Please update your app to get to the new app version. If you are unable to login, this means your app is not updated and needs to be.
  • User interface has changed from a blue and white template to a purple and white template. This is the best indicator to know that you are on the updated version.
  • Notifications: We now have the ability to notify customers of important updates on our login page.
  • Attempts: We now have the ability to capture multiple attempts of a student’s reading within the same book. See below for more details.

Attempts Feature

We are very excited to introduce the new attempts feature in FluencyRev. You now have the power to listen to multiple attempts of a child reading the same book. With your own ears, you can compare attempts to note improvement in pronunciation, timing, prosody and even stamina!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Total attempts of books will be displayed in class reports. When you drill down into a student report you can see how many attempts a child took at each book they read.
  • Reading Journal report – this is a powerful evidence based tool for all educators. Now, you may compare the audio file of a child reading the same book on different dates. For example – William read LiJi the Serpent Slayer once on Wednesday. He then reread the same book on Friday. You can now listen with your own ears to hear his improved fluency with repeated practice on the same book! Remember – all audio files are easily downloaded so that if you need to build a case or portfolio of evidence – this feature will provide audio evidence! Click here to watch a video that tells you all about it!

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