Meet Phoebe, the Phonics Phoenix: Your Guide to Phonics Mastery!

Meet Phoebe, the Phonics Phoenix: Your Guide to Phonics Mastery!

Step into the vibrant world of PhonicsRev™, where young readers embark on an exciting phonics journey guided by Phoebe the Phonics Phoenix! With her bright feathers and cheerful personality, Phoebe brings phonics to life, making learning both fun and effective.

A Universal Phonics Teaching Toolkit

PhonicsRev™ is a part of The RevLearning Suite and stands out as the first phonics program offering 100% oral practice of all phonics concepts. From the initial sounds to advanced phonics skills, Phoebe ensures that learners receive comprehensive practice. The program includes hundreds of phonics books with word lists, phrasebooks, sentence books, and fluency passages, inspiring young readers to read and improve their skills.

Decodable Books for Focused Practice

Phoebe has also curated over 85 beautifully illustrated decodable books. These books are written to include only the sounds the student has learned, ensuring an engaging and effective reading experience. The stories are balanced with high-frequency sight words and supported by illustrations, making the text truly decodable.

Interactive and Personalized Learning

PhonicsRev™ offers educators the freedom to choose the sequence and progression of lessons based on their curriculum and state standards. With over 475 interactive learning experiences, teachers can easily assign tasks to students, customizing their learning journey. Each activity, akin to assembling Legos, allows for flexibility and personalization, aligning with any phonics methodology.

See and Say the Sounds to Make Brain Connections!

Phoebe encourages children to make brain connections by seeing words on the screen and saying them into the microphone. Instant feedback motivates students to keep going, building confidence and proficiency in their phonics skills.

Progressing Through Phonics Levels

  1. Words: The building blocks of language. Students listen to the model, focus on the letters, and say the word, receiving feedback to improve.

  2. Phrases: Connecting orthographic skills with speaking elements, students work on pronunciation to earn stars.

  3. Sentences: Forming complete thoughts, students use speed control and error feedback to master sentences.

  4. Passages: Combining sentences, students scaffold their learning, readying for short stories.

  5. Short Stories: Multi-page stories that integrate words, phrases, sentences, and passages, preparing students for the decodable books.

Three Levels of Difficulty

To ensure continuous improvement, PhonicsRev™ offers three difficulty levels: Introductory (pink), Mastery (green), and Challenge (blue). These levels provide the necessary scaffolding to make visual-to-spoken connections in the brain.

Our Mission

PhonicsRev™ aims to help the world communicate effectively. By leveraging technology, we create products that enhance speaking and listening skills, catering to universal communication needs.

Join Phoebe the Phonics Phoenix and embark on an exciting phonics adventure with PhonicsRev™. See how Phoebe can help young readers soar in their phonics and reading skills!