Introducing FluencyRev Gemstone Levels and Royal Collection

Introducing the FluencyRevTM Royal Collection and Gemstone Levels

Our team has had an exciting first year in the education market with FluencyRev! During this year, we have had the honor and benefit of working hand in hand with incredible teachers, administrators, reading experts, and curriculum specialists. As a new tool with tremendous potential, we want to make sure that we understand what works well for students and what makes teachers excited to use FluencyRev.

One of the first things we heard from the field is that we need clear information on what our levels mean in the Foundation Library. We have done the work and are excited to introduce to you our re-imagined FluencyRev library, now called the Royal Collection, complete with our new Gemstone Levels.

What is the Royal Collection? Simply put, the Royal Collection is a single library that combines the Kindergarten and Pre-K library, the Foundation library, and all of our new monthly books into one collection. This streamlined library of almost 300 books is the “out of the box” collection of books available to students when FluencyRev is purchased. You will see the Royal Collection replace the current Pre-K and Kindergarten library and the Foundation library on May 2nd!

Now, where do Gemstone levels fit in? In addition to streamlining our books into the Royal Collection, we have created a more in-depth leveling system which will now replace our Foundation library A-G levels with the names of gemstones. We have aligned the theme of our levels with the theme of our new student application, which will be available to all students for the start of next school year!

To read more about our gemstone levels, click here!

One Year of FluencyRev in U.S. Schools!

What a difference a year makes! Our first year of FluencyRev has been a busy and exciting one! We have been busy – from our first pilot school to our early adopter schools, to our early adopter districts, and now to multiple states!

We have only just begun to revolutionize independent reading and oral fluency practice. Check out the map above to see states with schools currently piloting or utilizing FluencyRev!

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Our April release of 25 new books is live! This brings the number of books available in our Foundation Library (soon to be Royal Collection) to over 215 books! April’s release highlight is a new series that your student’s will love – The Mystery Club!

Our library has grown by 75 books since January, with many more to come! Be sure to check out our full list here.

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