How Can We Improve our Daily Oral Reading Fluency Practice?

How can we improve our daily oral reading fluency practice.

Take a look at the fluency that this 2nd grader has built through the school year!

This student was reading 27 words per minute at the beginning of the school year. This child was struggling with confidence, and the thought of reading in front of a teacher or the class was overwhelming. On top of this, being the youngest in a large family with two working parents, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to practice at home with someone to build that confidence.

Her teacher knew that FluencyRev could provide an emotionally safe place to practice reading, which is just what was needed. What her teacher quickly realized was that this student fell in love with reading on FluencyRev. When asked, the student told her that this was her favorite way to read at home. The student’s parent confirmed that there was something that the student loved about being able to hear herself reading, and she was surprised at how motivating the tool was for her child.

This child had over 200 minutes of active reading – about 90 books total – in FluencyRev! The evidence on this fluency passage sheet says so much. In addition, this child exceeded her stretch goals on her final iReady diagnostic and is heading to 3rd grade reading at an early 3rd grade level!