How Can FluencyRev impact iReady Scores

How Can FluencyRev impact iReady Scores

It’s our first May with a full year of FluencyRev user data starting to roll in from our early adopters and customers!

Take a look at this 3rd grader’s iReady reading diagnostic results. This child, who has a number of learning challenges including dyslexia, ADHD, short term memory issues and a visual processing disorder, deserves a HUGE round of applause!!

The classroom teacher reports that she used FluencyRev with a group of her students who needed extra support as part of their IEPs.

Out of the 6 students selected, 3 of those students were on task every day – reading 15 to 20 minutes in FluencyRev as their morning bell work. Those 3 students read a combined total of 719 minutes, 341 books total! The teacher was able to monitor how well each student was reading and then target instruction accordingly before sitting down with them.

This is the power of FluencyRev, combined with a teacher who saw the value and built it into their instructional day, and students who were on task and put the work in! Consistency is KEY, and their test results show it!

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