Boost Your English Skills with EnglishRev™: A Fun and Engaging Journey for ELL Students

Boost Your English Skills with EnglishRev™: A Fun and Engaging Journey for ELL Students

Welcome to EnglishRev™, a vibrant part of The RevLearning Suite™! If you're an English Language Learner (ELL), you're in for an exciting adventure that will take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency. EnglishRev™ leverages cutting-edge speech scoring and AI technologies to provide instant feedback, making your learning experience engaging, effective, and fun.

Start Your Journey with EnglishRev™

Learning Your First Language Was Easy, right? Think about how effortlessly you picked up your first language. There were no formal lessons, grammar rules, or vocabulary lists. You simply listened, mimicked, and received immediate feedback from those around you. EnglishRev™ takes this natural approach to help you master English as your second language.

Why EnglishRev™ Works

Listening is Key: Just like a baby listens to the rhythm and sounds of their first language long before they speak, EnglishRev™ immerses you in the sounds of English. This foundation of listening helps imprint the language patterns in your brain, making it easier to speak accurately.

Instant Feedback: When you first started speaking, your friends and family celebrated and corrected your speech immediately. EnglishRev™ replicates this with real-time speech accuracy feedback. Every time you practice, you receive instant, individualized feedback, helping you improve quickly and confidently.

Tailored Learning for Every Level

Beginner Level - Newcomer: Perfect for new English-speakers, non-readers, and those with little to limited English proficiency. The Newcomer level focuses on basic phrases and essential communication skills to help you navigate daily life in an English-speaking environment. You’ll immerse yourself in a virtual world of engaging stories, gradually building your confidence and abilities.

Intermediate Level: For learners who can handle basic conversations but need more practice to sound native. The Intermediate level dives deeper into conversational English, helping you navigate more complex interactions and improve your pronunciation.

Advanced Level: For those ready to master the nuances of English. At this level, you’ll effortlessly participate in conversations, understand humor and sarcasm, and refine your speaking skills to near-native proficiency. Ideal for older learners and adults who want to polish their skills further.

Engaging Content at Every Step

Comic Story Curriculum: Follow Linda’s adventures in the EnglishRev™ Stories. Starting in Season 1, Linda arrives in the United States and begins to navigate her new surroundings. Season 2 builds on her journey, introducing her to school life and more. Each season covers essential topics like people, food, shelter, money, and work, making learning relevant and fun.

Speaker’s Theater: Become a character in your own play! This immersive experience allows you to practice speaking with expression and prosody. As you read your lines, our powerful speech analytics technology scores your pronunciation in real-time. You’ll see which words you nailed and which need more practice, with a motivating five-star rating system to keep you striving for perfection.

STEM Books: For intermediate learners, our collection of STEM-focused books offers a fantastic way to practice listening, speaking, and reading in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These books are designed to challenge and inspire, helping you expand your vocabulary and understanding of complex topics.

EnglishRev™ Levels Align with Proficiency Standards

Our levels correlate with well-known English proficiency standards, including WIDA, TESOL, and CEFR. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your advanced skills, EnglishRev™ provides a clear, structured path to success.

Join the EnglishRev™ Community

With EnglishRev™, learning English becomes an adventure. From basic survival skills to advanced conversational techniques, EnglishRev™ offers a comprehensive, engaging, and supportive learning experience. Dive in and start your journey to English fluency today! Join today!